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The Victorian Farmers' Markets Association is a not-for-profit association. We develop, support and lead a network of farmers, makers and markets, contributing to thriving, sustainable communities.


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Mark your calendars for the fourth annual International Food Waste Action Week, which will be held from March 18th to March 24th, 2024. This global campaign aims to raise awareness and promote action against food waste.

This Year’s Focus: “Choose What You’ll Use”

  • The central theme of this year’s campaign encourages consumers to be mindful of their choices. Individuals can play a crucial role in reducing food waste by selecting only what they truly need.

VFMA Accredited Markets and Producers: Champions of Food Waste Prevention

  • VFMA Accredited Markets and Producers and our Supporters are the unsung heroes in the fight against food waste.
  • Here’s how you can help them continue to make a difference:
    • Direct Purchases: When you buy directly from farmers and food producers, you actively contribute to waste prevention.
    • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Shopping at metropolitan and regional markets by purchasing directly from stallholders minimizes the carbon miles associated with food transportation.
    • Resource Optimization: By valuing food beyond its price tag, you maximize the resources used to bring that food to your table.
    • Natural Form: Opting for produce in its natural form (rather than the “perfect” models found in supermarkets) promotes healthier, sustainable choices.
    • Freshness Matters: The produce you purchase should be as fresh as possible, straight from the paddock to your plate. Freshly harvested fruits and veggies last longer when enjoyed at home. The same applies to protein!

Food Waste Facts:

  • Approximately one-third of the world’s food production goes uneaten each year.
  • Over half a billion tonnes of food waste originate from households.
  • Addressing citizen food waste requires collective effort and collaboration on a global scale.

Make conscious choices during Food Waste Action Week and contribute to a more sustainable future! 🌎🌱

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