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The Victorian Farmers' Markets Association is a not-for-profit association. We develop, support and lead a network of farmers, makers and markets, contributing to thriving, sustainable communities.

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World Earth Day - Monday 22 April 2024 

Now in its 54th year, Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard the environment and our future.

In Australia, World Earth Day will be celebrated on Monday, 22 April 2024.   It is the day intended to honor and celebrate the remarkable planet we live on - a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

The global theme for Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics.” This powerful theme unites people worldwide in an unwavering commitment to addressing the urgent issue of plastic pollution for the sake of human and planetary health by helping to reduce the production of all plastics by 60 % by 2040.

Key aspects of the 2024 campaign are:

  • Raising widespread public awareness about the damage caused by plastics to human health, animal well-being, and overall biodiversity.
  • Calling for research on the health implications of plastics.
  • Phasing Out All Single-Use Plastics by 2030.
  • Addressing Fast Fashion, which contributes significantly to plastic production and waste.
  • Investing in innovative technologies and alternative materials to build a plastic-free world.

An Earth Day Fact:
One of the biggest things you can do is to reduce your plastic use. Did you know the average Australian uses a whopping 3,109 single-use plastic bottles in their lifetime? That’s 1 billion bottles Australians buy and throw away every single year. One easy way to lower this stat is to switch to reusable bottles.
Let’s work together to create a plastic-free future! 🌏🌱

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Why not use this weekend and take action to celebrate Earth Day and make a positive impact?

Farmers markets are a great way to support local growers and reduce the environmental impact of food transportation.

Instead of using plastic produce bags, consider investing in reusable alternatives.

Help eliminate plastic produce bags by skipping these bags when shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Most produce doesn’t need to be bagged for cleanliness or protection. You can place items directly in your cart without using plastic bags.

For items like mushrooms or small produce that require a bag, opt for paper sacks (which are recyclable) or bring your reusable bag or container.

Remember, small actions collectively contribute to a healthier planet. Happy Earth Day!


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