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The Victorian Farmers' Markets Association is a not-for-profit association. We develop, support and lead a network of farmers, makers and markets, contributing to thriving, sustainable communities.

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Prime Rib Day - Saturday 27 April 2024!  

National Prime Rib Day is celebrated on April 27 each year. It was created to showcase the popular cut of meat!

The exact origin and beginnings of how prime rib was first cooked up are not explicitly known.

However, most historians would agree that roasts became popular during the Industrial Revolution in the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the US, and Canada! 

It has also been a popular dish for the weekly gathering of family and friends for lunch or dinner. ”Sunday Roast” was served in the late 1800s and onwards.

The prime rib is a cut of the ribs of the cow, typically between the 6th and 12th ribs, and is considered one of the most classic and delicious cuts of beef.

It is often served with gravy and roasted vegetables like potatoes,  carrots, parsnips, onion, squash, and beetroot, along with creamed spinach, beans, and corn on the side!

Autumn is the perfect time for a roast for dinner or lunch to share with family and friends. 

With all the roast vegetables in seasonal abundance at farmers' markets right now and fresh beef and other proteins available directly from the farms, why not visit one of the VFMA Accredited Markets this weekend? 

Stock up on seasonal fruit, sweet and savoury treats, and some wine to accompany your meal! And you are also sure to find sauces and condiments, made from fresh farm produce to accompany your roast and other dishes as well.

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