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O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake 

O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake is a delightful treat that combines tradition, craftsmanship, and mouthwatering flavors.

This week, as we continue to celebrate the diversity of culture through food, we share the story behind this delectable creation. Matt, Manager at Wood End VFMA Market, nominated this week's feature.

Jill and Shane are known for their delightful O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake, an accredited Victorian Farmers Market product.

Made with the finest Victorian Ingredients, their fruit cake has garnered acclaim at VFMA Accredited Markets, where they are regular stall holders.

The cake first appeared in the Murray Food-Bowl Region of North East Victoria, Australia, at farmers’ markets in Wodonga, Albury, and surrounding townships at the beginning of 2013.

In 2014, Jill and Shane moved to the township of Malmsbury in the Macedon Ranges – a region known for fine dining based on regional produce and award-winning local wines.

They built a home with a commercial kitchen featuring high-standard equipment and work surfaces, allowing for the most efficient workplace for producing O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake.

The name “O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake” pays homage to its roots and the surname of Shane. It draws inspiration from the family fruit cake recipe, which originated in Cork, County Cork, Ireland.

Jill always enjoyed making fruit cake, but Shane’s family recipe has been lovingly enhanced over time, resulting in a delightful fruit cake.


Every O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake is meticulously handcrafted. The cake is laden with dried fruits sourced from the Sunraysia District.

Key ingredients include:
Honey: Adding natural sweetness and moisture. 
Irish Whisky: Infusing a rich flavor. 
Spices: Providing depth and warmth.

These elements create a cake with a distinctive taste, subtle texture, and delightful moistness.

From March to December, you can find O’Callaghan’s Irish Fruit Cake at various VFMA-accredited farmers Markets, including Woodend, Castlemaine, and Malmsbury.

Check out their  Facebook page to see what markets they will be in each week!

You can also visit their website - O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake O’Callaghans Irish Fruit Cake.

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This weekend marks the last weekend before school starts, and many return to work after the Easter Break.

End the holidays on a high note by doing something special as a family on the last weekend before school starts again.

Why not embrace the delightful Autumn Weather and explore one of the VFMA Accredited markets?