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NEWSLETTER 22 June 2023

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VFMA members are sometimes found not just at farmers’ markets but beyond as well. One such is Alison of Alison’s Corner Shop & Bread, who brings her delicious, Victorian-focused offerings to Gasworks Farmers’ Market each month from her shop in busy, nearby Prahran.

Of Alison’s Corner Shop & Bread, the local Chapel Street Precinct business chamber says: “Special places often feel like their own little world. You step inside and forget what is happening outside!

“This shop is one of these places and Alison is the reason for this. The shop is literally an extension of her home – she lives upstairs. Alison was born down the road at the Alfred and has basically lived in the area her whole life. Her journey of baking began across the street at Prahran Market and the area is as much part of her as she is of the area.

“You wouldn’t be out of place thinking you’d stepped into a hidden corner store in a European city. In a world where people don’t stop and chat as much, Alison’s charms you as you drink your coffee, eat a baguette and nosh on a Portuguese tart, all while catching up with the caring owner.”

Melbourne’s reputation as Australia’s pre-eminent city of food and culture wasn't created from the offerings of generic chain stores. It's underpinned by uncompromising, passionate and individualistic food makers like Alison and we’re proud when they’re VFMA members!



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