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Rome goes global


NEWSLETTER 29 June 2023

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Farmers' market manager and VFMA treasurer Tim Walsh was proud to attend the World Farmers' Markets Coalition's inaugural general assembly in Rome recently.

Formed in July 2021, the original seven national associations (Ghana, Georgia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, United States and Italy) have quickly grown to 70 associations from more than 50 countries, including the VFMA. As a Rome-based non-profit, the WorldFMC is in close association with other food networks including the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation and covers 20,000 farmers' markets, 200,000 farming families and over 300 million shoppers. The WorldFMC is a project built on the initiative of Fondazione Campagna Amica
and Coldiretti (Italy), the Stiftelsen Bondens Marked Norge Foundation (Norway), and Grønt Marked (Denmark), with the aim of affirming the role of farmers' markets as a global tool for the development of local food systems.

Tim learnt much from attending and took Australian flavours to share with other delegates at a special world farmers' market that featured some of our members' products.

The WorldFMC is committed to cultivating a world community of farmers' markets, sharing best practices and innovation, defending endangered markets and their participants, and promoting the idea that farmers' markets can be gateways to wider and deeper opportunities to build social trust at moments where it is lacking. We share much more than what separates us. WorldFMC’s is the pivotal voice for producers and for communities who facilitate, work, and benefit from farmers' markets.

We're super excited to be sharing ideas with our new friends and colleagues around the world, learning to create stronger, friendlier and more professional farmers' markets!

Thanks to Coldiretti for sponsoring Tim's attendance at the event.



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