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The meat of the matter.


NEWSLETTER 8 June 2023

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On a farm, there are always jobs to do. At Moorabool River Beef at Meredith, David and Jo Nelson have finished the autumn calving and are busy getting oats and vetch in for hay and spring silage.

Then there’s the fencing. Breaking large parcels into smaller paddocks means cattle move more frequently and pasture has longer to rest between grazing animals. And while that means more fencing, it also equals more regenerative farming practices and land that can carry more stock.

Every week there are animals to turn off and deliver for processing and carcases to pick up and bring back to the farm for butchering.

David and Jo produce 300-400 kg of meat a week and 90 per cent of their sales are through farmers’ markets. It’s a lot of work but David describes the three years they’ve been selling through VFMA farmers’ markets as fantastic and says business is expanding. “Markets are regular and consistent. If you have a good product and turn up reliably, you develop great relationships with repeat customers. We're looking to expand.”

Meet David at Kyneton Farmers’ Market on Saturday and Jo at Eltham on Sunday, find out more and take home some of their delicious beef this weekend!


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