Read our Covid19 Risk Management guidelines on our CovidSafe Markets page.


We're working hard to make sure that our accredited Victorian farmers' markets can continue to trade, and that people can continue to buy food from farmers. 

Throughout the challenges of 2020, then-Minister for Agriculture, Jaclyn Symes lent her valuable support so that "farmers markets could continue to operate, to ensure Victorians have access to the fantastic fresh produce our farmers work tirelessly to provide."

Accredited Victorian farmers' markets are more than simply places to exchange goods for money, and we are committed to seeing them continue, embrace these challenges, and evolve post-Covid19. 


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Farmers' Markets this week

OnAccredited MarketsNear MeWhat day of the week does the market run?
9/23/2021Bendigo Community Farmers' MarketBendigoThursday afternoon (Weekly); Saturday (monthly)64c38728-a609-432a-8734-361c7ffd105e
9/25/2021Abbotsford Farmers MarketAbbotsfordSaturdays0e237af1-be45-4d18-b543-320a1913ceac
9/25/2021Bentleigh Farmers' MarketBentleigh EastSaturday91d6285c-a1ce-40d1-978d-7e8c9c2c5bbd
9/25/2021Coburg Farmers' MarketCOBURGSaturday (Weekly)4fd45e43-4b57-49a1-b2d8-e7fd61c2a9b4
9/25/2021Elwood Farmers' MarketElwoodSaturday3a8d7fc9-fc0b-40c7-855d-40c1e1cfea45
9/25/2021Elwood Farmers' MarketElwoodSaturday3a8d7fc9-fc0b-40c7-855d-40c1e1cfea45
9/25/2021Lancefield and District Farmers' MarketLancefieldSaturdayaa053177-8d02-4140-85bc-07dc4bd023db
9/25/2021Myrtleford Farmers MarketMyrtlefordSaturdayfb3b9650-f975-49ec-aa03-172119ede69d
9/26/2021Alphington Farmers' MarketAlphingtonSunday (Weekly)e9bb386f-40fb-44ef-81cb-d7921ed7f99d
9/26/2021Eltham Farmers' MarketElthamSunday (Weekly)f7339a48-e0d5-42a0-a73a-111f2aaf9809
9/26/2021Flemington Farmers' MarketFlemingtonSunday (Weekly)4e2038d7-43dd-426b-b1cb-2eebe0f7904a
9/26/2021Mt Eliza Farmers' MarketMt ElizaSunday39af6702-88b4-4626-b758-eef595aefa0a
9/26/2021Nagambie Farmers' MarketNagambieSunday7f1c000a-2247-411b-955e-06be64ab8d22
9/29/2021Castlemaine Farmers' MarketCastlemaineWednesday (Weekly) & Sunday (monthly)60353766-4229-41e1-b842-30ebc61c3194
9/30/2021Bendigo Community Farmers' MarketBendigoThursday afternoon (Weekly); Saturday (monthly)64c38728-a609-432a-8734-361c7ffd105e

Our Promise:

To support local farmers by inspiring and enabling Victorians to buy fresh, wholesome, locally grown produce from VFMA Accredited Farmers' Markets.

Accredited farmers' markets provide an opportunity for our farmers to sell direct and take full credit for their efforts. By shopping at authentic farmers' markets customers are guaranteed access to quality, freshly harvested produce whilst supporting local farmers and directly putting money back into regional Victorian communities.

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