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To support local farmers by inspiring and enabling Victorians to buy fresh, wholesome, locally grown produce from VFMA Accredited Farmers' Markets.

Accredited farmers' markets provide an opportunity for our farmers to sell direct and take full credit for their efforts. By shopping at authentic farmers' markets customers are guaranteed access to quality, freshly harvested produce whilst supporting local farmers and directly putting money back into regional Victorian communities. Accreditation »

Accredited Markets
There are accredited markets being held every week across Victoria.
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Accredited Producers

Meet the diverse group of people who grow, rear and make food in Victoria from Victorian produce.
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Why and how to join the VFMA as a stallholder, a market or an industry stakeholder.
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Markets within the next week

Accredited MarketsOnNear Me
Coburg Farmers' Market12/14/2019COBURG4fd45e43-4b57-49a1-b2d8-e7fd61c2a9b4
Bendigo Community Farmers' Market12/14/2019Bendigo64c38728-a609-432a-8734-361c7ffd105e
Kyneton Farmers' Market12/14/2019Kynetonad22926f-6adc-4cfa-9536-9a22c7f8520c
Farmers Market @ The Old Cheese Factory12/14/2019Berwickdbe282dc-b8d4-4051-a45d-36c9454f48d2
Wangaratta Farmers Market12/14/2019Wangaratta3ac4024b-2f36-4278-a3df-4aced25d62ed
Elwood Farmers' Market12/14/2019Elwood3a8d7fc9-fc0b-40c7-855d-40c1e1cfea45
Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers' Market12/14/2019Abbotsford4f9dd90c-5404-4a89-a34e-22bf04a1b86b
Alphington Farmers' Market12/15/2019Alphingtone9bb386f-40fb-44ef-81cb-d7921ed7f99d
South Geelong Farmers Market12/15/2019South Geelongc46350dc-3c12-4c15-97bf-f9cb01f3c4ee
South Geelong Farmers Market12/15/2019South Geelongc46350dc-3c12-4c15-97bf-f9cb01f3c4ee
Flemington Farmers' Market12/15/2019Flemington4e2038d7-43dd-426b-b1cb-2eebe0f7904a
Malmsbury Village Farmers Market12/15/2019MALMSBURY7305e05e-2acb-4cef-b1ef-e1e8962293f2