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Turn a leaf. Talk to the farmer who grew the cauliflower that’s in your hand.
Every week, across Victoria, you’re near one of our 31 accredited farmers’ markets.
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We acknowledge the First Peoples of the lands on which our farmers grow and harvest food and where in our market communities it’s offered in season and variety. We honour the speakers of the first words who lived in harmony with Country. We walk with those now who strive to renew their culture and share the depth and strength of its sustaining gifts. And we look to work together with those to come.

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And support 300 farmers and makers producing flowers, truffles, fruit, greens, vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, jam, preserves, bread, beer, wine, cheese, condiments, olive oil and pasta.

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Help us to champion our farmers, makers and markets in rural and city communities, creating jobs, sustaining families, and bringing good food to your table.

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Check for news, updates, resources, market tips and stuff the helps to build our accredited farmers’ market network, connect face-to-face with our wonderful producer portraits, and share your stories with us. 

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Above the ground

Farmer, maker and market news

What are you having for breakfast?

National Hot Breakfast Month was created to highlight the importance of breakfast, which provides the energy required for concentration and brain activity until the mid-day meal.



Share the Love this Valentines!

This Valentine’s Day, let the farmers’ markets be your cupid. Celebrate love, savor the flavors, and honor the hands that nurture our sustenance.



February Celebrates National Snack Food Month!

Did you know that February is National Snack Food Month? National Snack Food Month is more than just a celebration of our love for snacks. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the diverse world of snack foods.