Applying for Accreditation

Is there a market for your produce?

Farmers' market stallholders enjoy a direct connection with their customers, benefiting from retail returns and customer feedback on their products.  As the popularity of farmers' markets increases, competition for a position there also increases.  
VFMA accreditation can not guarantee a stall position at a VFMA accredited farmers' market.
Before beginning the accreditation application process, we highly recommend that you visit some VFMA accredited farmers' markets and speak to the market managers to gauge whether there is a demand for your product. 
We also recommend that you ensure that your product will be eligible for accreditation.  This is particularly important for specialty-makers, as their products are assessed on a minimum quantity of Victorian produce.

Accredited Farmers

Farmers who grow or raise produce in Victoria or within 100kms of the state border are eligible for accreditation as farm-based producers, following a rigorous assessment process that has been approved by the ACCC.

Our members produce fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy, eggs, honey, nuts, flowers and plants.

Many are accredited to sell value-added products made from their produce, such as sausages, cheeses, olive oil, fruit juice or wine.

They may also be accredited to bring non-food products such as leather or wool to sell at markets.

Applicants provide details such as the size of their land, their crops or animals, annual volume and growing seasons as part of the accreditation process.

Accredited Specialty Makers

Producers who use a majority of ingredients grown in Victoria are eligible to become accredited with the VFMA.

There is a minimum score that must be achieved and maintained by Specialty Makers, calculated on how locally-grown the ingredients are in each product.

Our members create an enormous variety of local food including bread, jams, juices, sauces, coffee, biscuits and cheeses. 

The process of accreditation for Specialty Makers is complex, in order to ensure a high calibre of knowledgeable food makers at VFMA markets.

Applicants provide the ingredients, their farm origin and the names and locations of the ingredient's growers for every product they wish to sell at farmers' markets.

Current Members:

Contact us to send you the links to top-up product forms. There is no charge for members to add new products.  

New Members:

Once you have become a member of the VFMA you will apply for accreditation using our on-line application process and pay a $30 non-refundable assessment fee. When we receive your membership form we'll contact you to find out which forms you need. 

Apply online* Learn about membership

* Please note this is for potential traders only, not for potential market managers.

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